26.10. - 18.11.2012
Gruppenausstellung "Kosmos as Presence,
V5 Russisch-Deutscher Art Convent"


Ausstellungseröffnung am Freitag 26. Oktober um 19:00, parallel zu dem Berliner Aussttellungswochenende "Kolonie Wedding", das am Sonntag als geleitete Gruppenführung im Ausstellungsraum eingeladen ist.


Am Samstag und Sonntag finden weitere Arbeitssitzungen, Präsentationen und Gespräche statt, und werden an den beiden folgenden Wochenenden, 3./4. und 10./11. November fortgesetzt. Die Schlußveranstaltung ist am 18.11. ab 16 Uhr.

Ort: InteriorDAsein, Steeger Str. 2, 13359 Berlin-Wedding

Mehr Informationen unter www.interiordasein.de

“Cosmos as Presence." V5 " Russian-German Art-Convention.

October 26. - November 18. 2012

The outline of the project:

"Space as a Presence" - the working title of the project. Subtitle:

"V5, German-Russian Congress of Art - Exhibition". October 25th to 18th November 2012.

Venue – InteriorDAsein/Berlin (Steegerstrasse 2, 13359 Berlin)

Exhibition-Congress "Cosmos As Presence.V5" is held at an independent Artist-Run-Space InteriorDAsein/Berlin as a series of informal meetings for those interested in visual art and philosophy, the field of international cooperation and progress, as well as the authorities that govern resources, conducting industrial and cultural policies and the consequent of the discourse on democratic participation.

For the participants of the project "V5" Space is, above all, a space of the imagination. So far, the science of space flights knew only four space velocities required to perform, respectively, to reach and leave orbital, interplanetary and interstellar flight. Artists participating in the project offer the fifth space flight speed, that of thought and imagination. They are interested in passionate thinkers, in utopian mechanisms and designs, in the impact of the image of a hero and conqueror, in the versatility of the Us and Them system, and in finding potential new consolidation.

The opening of the exhibition will be held during the opening days of Wedding Colony (www.kolonieweddig.de): Friday 26th of October at 7pm. Posible preview on Thursday 25th. Saturday and Sunday - continued opening day, (Sunday 29.10 - welcome tours, organized by the colony of Wedding). On weekends and 3-4.11, 10-11.11 meetings, discussions and presentations of the Congress. 17. 11 and 18.11 – finisage. The exhibition is opened to the public on specified days and by prior arrangement by telephone.